I feel a constant pain in my ache that’s so constant and intense that I feel like a train is moving inside me whistling all the way through my veins in its peak m stuck in a dark deep cave and there is no air to breathe..a long suffocating darkness..a black hole is engulfing me into’s pulling me so hard that there is no way to escape from it..although  I am trying hard and and I am experiencing my death while I am in the verge of life and death..May be I will lose this battle in the very next second..May be I shall take all these chaos with me to d black hole..or may be I will find the eternal silence beyond this….anything can happen…but right now m fighting the toughest battle of this lifetime..the battle of life and death..silence n noise light n darkness…….


About iamurspring

Little crazy , chirpy n at best when I allow myself to be impulsive.banker by profession n a singer from heart .N yes! I am definitely a dog person :)
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