miraculous sunday

Beep beep beep beep!!And with the little monster screaming at its peak the ‘Sunday’ morning starts in a jiffy. Its holiday for all; except the super woman of this house. Since its Sunday, the public demand will also be higher-more interesting breakfast, more clothes to be cleaned (piled up for the last week), more dishes to be done and so on…

While the man in the house takes a l..o…n…..g  lazy Sunday sleep shouts for his  newspaper right at his bed..& ta da!!With the power of her super wings she keeps on hopping from each and every corner of the house meeting everyone’s demand till at one point she really gets tired and exhausted. And that’s the point where everyone around starts getting irritated for spoiling the party mood. What a pity superwoman! And suddenly superwoman turns and calls me-‘Baby’

I open my eyes in sheer surprise only to see you standing beside me and smiling at me. Thank God, much to my relief I realized it’s our Sunday afternoon in which we have planned to go for a movie. It was when I did the dishes and was waiting for  you who was busy putting the laundry into the washing machine that I drifted off to the dreamland..

As you were so excited to declare baby we are done let’s get ready, I can’t thank God enough to have you with me. Life becomes so much easier with you as you are not only a doting husband but also help me in the household chores. As we both finished the household chores for the day together, we merrily went out for our beautiful evening together…

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About iamurspring

Little crazy , chirpy n at best when I allow myself to be impulsive.banker by profession n a singer from heart .N yes! I am definitely a dog person :)
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