you are my cutest pup

Tiklu…and ur name says it all…I gave you the name the moment you entered our home, you entered my heart because you were such a tiny little adorable and be….au..tiful creation of god .anyone who would have seen you, must have fallen in love with you….right at that moment.

I still remember your first walk and now You are the boss of our really rule!! You are smart, adorable, cute, loving, caring, naughty and what not. Sometimes bossy too…ha ha!!! I may go on describing you… You are such a wonder boy.

You are two now & these two years of my lifewpid-wp_20131229_004.jpg has been the most fulfilling…because I had you, I have you…. from the time you wake me up to the time we go to sleep.,aww..its such a wonderful feeling to open my eyes every morning to feel ur paws on my cheeks to see u waiting for me to get up.. you are there when I come home every evening tired and exhaust and it takes only your cute little eyes to wipe it out..your presence fades away all my worries, all my sadness..i love you tiklu..and I promise you to always love you like this and more. God bless you always with good health and a really looooonng life so that we can love each other as much as we can. Stay healthy stay happy my dear tiklu. Lots of love and blessings….


About iamurspring

Little crazy , chirpy n at best when I allow myself to be impulsive.banker by profession n a singer from heart .N yes! I am definitely a dog person :)
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